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Invest in the next generation of brave new voices

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At Youth Speaks, we believe the voices of young people matter.

For 26 years, Youth Speaks has created safe spaces that challenge young people, especially Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Pacific Islander, and those from working-class communities, to find, develop and apply their voices as creators of societal change. From our in-school residencies, our out-of-school specialized workshops and our signature Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam and Life is Living Festival, we provide platforms for youth to speak for themselves. Our work lives at the intersection of Arts Education, Public Presentation, Youth-led Cultural Organizing, and Youth Narrative strategy. As we respond to the challenges and opportunities of this next era, Youth Speaks is committed to activating youth stories to build narrative and cultural power ultimately helping to create a world in which young people are heard, honored, and connected through creative ecosystems of interdependence and care.

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