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Support young people in developing their voices as they reshape the world around them.

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Celebrate youth voices with us!

“It’s my first year speaking my truth on stage and meeting new people and it's all made me a better person and love myself more” - Bert from our Teen Poetry Slam Finals

Youth Speaks seeks to ignite youth voices by providing safer spaces for young people to express themselves, discover their identity, and enact change within their communities. Our pedagogy stands as life as primary text, the meaning that every young person that walks into Youth Speaks comes with deep, sophisticated, and transformative stories from their lived experiences. Through our programs such as in-school residencies, after school workshops, open mics, poetry festivals, and many more, we create spaces for youth to come as they are, be who they are, and speak their truth in safer and braver places.

We believe that the voices of young people matter. Every donation to Youth Speaks helps provide resources and spaces for young people to find community, tell their stories, and be heard. We are grateful for every artist that has touched our stages for the last 26 years and need your support in helping us amplify youth power in the Bay Area and beyond.

Join us as we show the world the power of storytelling. Give a generous gift today.